Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Free Speech for the dumb!

Revolution Muslims, a small extremist group out of New York city, which is now under the guidance of an idiot called, Abu TalHah Al-Amrikee. Man that is a long ass name. Let's shorten it and call him Muhammed.

Muhammed has been making threats to Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park, for supposedly making fun of their "Prophet" Muhammed. Now this is just childish from this guy and in my opinion just doing cheap publicity for his extreme website, and it's worked. Look at me, I'm writing a blog about it!

Well now the shit has hit the fan. Everywhere you look people are against this man. Every muslim asks why are they portrayed as terrorists, bad people etc. Well this guy is there spokesperson.

Congratufuckinglations Muslim religion, this guy has just made you the biggest hate figure on the planet. Now I know not all Muslims are like this, I have a few friends who are believe in this faith, and I'm not against them, I have nothing against religion, but People like this muhammed, is making people think that you are terrorists, your are how we see you in movies.

This group is not a true believer in religion, they are making the religion how they want to see it. They are twisting the book to their needs.

I've also found out that the address and phone number on their site is a foney, goes to show how brave they are.

You know what, this is going into a full blown rant now.

All these extremists say they are doing it for allah, blah blah, and they are proud of doing it, then why cover their faces when they kill someone? Why use a mask to cover your face? Because your nothing but scared boys. Not men, Boys. Using women and children to kill people is wrong, your god would be very disappointed in you all. You know what, in your "great" book, it does not condone violence upon anyone.

Right, that's the end of this one.