Wednesday, 10 November 2010

3D, is it the future of cinema or just a cash cow for the foreseeable future?

Hey all, Back again for the 2nd time in a 1 week, man I got to get out more. Going back on my last post about how bad the final installment of the saw series was bad and just plain ugly 3D, has brought me to take a look at the way 3D is dominating the cinema at the moment.

3D is a gimmick. I know this, you know this, hell even James Cameron has spoken out about how bad the recent flood of "3D" movies are. I put the 3D in " " because he is on about the recent trend of transfering 3D in post production.

The biggest casualty of this phenom, is Clash Of The Titans. One of the worst movies of the year in my opinion, and one of the worst throwing the 3D sign around. This movie is not 3D, it wasn't made in 3D and the process of 3D took them round a month. This is not the best way to do a 3D movie. Warner Bros. spent nearly $170 million on Clash, if they were throwing that type of money around, why didn't they just make the movie IN 3D? Now that would've been an experience.
Imagine if this scene in the movie, when Sam Worthington's character is on the flying horse, going in and out of the Krackens grasps, was filmed in 3D, like Avatar was, it would've been jaw dropping. But no, Warner Bros. just decided to do post 3D which is a movie killer.

This gets back to the last post of SAW3D, a movie that was made in 3D, and didn't even use it to it's advantages. Imagine how one of the traps would look, circular saws, hanging bodies etc coming towards you.

Out of the recent trend of movies that are in 3D, My favourite is Avatar, ovbiously this would be the top choice as it is the first actual 3D full length extravaganza experience. Yeah yeah it got the old pocahantas story, but it is told in a exciting way.

When the movie kicked in, it was a kick to the senses of what a 3D movie could be. When this scene, the first time that Jake is attracted by the plants and flowers and the tree of souls offspring, was just, wow.

Number 2 onwards is Resident Evil Afterlife and Monsters Vs Aliens. No story what so ever in these movies, but just pure fun. And in December we have Tron Legacy. Which will be a full on fun flick, which just looks amazing.

And from next year, we have nearly every single movie coming out in 3D. Let's just hope the powers that be, will actually learn that the only way to have a fun 3D movie, is to actually have a fun 3D movie, not convert it, but film it.

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