Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Dark Knight Rises people!

Hey bloggers, sorry for the long lay off inbetween posts.

Let's get this thing off to a good start, Let's talk about the major news over the last few weeks in the movie world.
The casting of The Dark Knight Rises. The casting of Anne Hathaway as "Selina Kyle", in my eyes, is perfect casting. She has the looks, the body and best of all for a Nolan flick, acting chops. Alot of people out there are putting her acting down, but the girl can act. She was outstanding in Valentine's Day and The Devil Wears Prada.
I think she will bring a certain aroma to the role, which Michelle Pfeiffer didn't. Don't get me wrong, Michelle WAS the Catwoman, but Anne has a certain look that echoes the comics of Catwoman.

At the moment there is no concrete evidence, that Anne is playing Catwoman. Nolan has only confirmed that she is playing Selina Kyle. if this is true, I think it's a fantastic echo of the comics as Selina Kyle is actually a member of Carmine Falcone's family.

This would tie in wonderfully with Batman Begins, almost bringing the story full circle ( which Nolan has gone on recorded saying that he only came back to do the 3rd, is that he can CLOSE the story on Batman, if it was good enough.)

Also on the cast is Tom hardy. We all knew he was cast way back in November, but nobody knew who he was going to portray. There were rumours saying he was going to play Black Mask, DR Hugo Strange, Killer Croc, DeadShot and various others. But no one said anything about Bane, which is who he is playing.

Now Bane was mentioned in a post way back in October over at Batman-on-film. And Jett also had an idea that was the character he was playing. ( My money was on Black Mask).

Anyway, this is going to be a villian that CAN match up to the brilliant Heath Ledger (R.I.P) who has probably played the greatest onscreen villian in I don't know how many years. ( since Darth Vader, maybe?) Tom Hardy is a fantastic actor who loses himself in the role ( Christian Bale anyone?) So when these two go at it on the screen, and it will happen, it is going to be spectacular. If We see the film unfold as the comics unfold, we shall see Bane take over the underworld ( he may already be top dog, we won't find out till next year) and end with him breaking the Bat. Which I can't see happening, So we'll probably get a real brutal fight between the two, half way through the film, then have Batman come back and put Bane to rest. ( Hence the title The Dark Knight Rises).
All in all, this could turn out to be the best of Nolan's trilogy. He has a vast amount of history to play with, maybe even rewrite it. All I know is that come July 2012, I will be in line to see the biggest movie event of next year.

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